Ultra Strength PRO 1 second glue

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Fast and strong adhesive lash glue - Black in colour
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Ultra Strength PRO Lash Glue Adhesive for Eyelash extensions for both Classic and Russian Volume technique. VERY fast glue. You must attach within 1 second. Works well in both low and high humidity. Please keep in mind the higher the humidity the faster it will grab. 

PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. You cannot use this glue on yourself and is for trained professionals only

  • 1-2 second glue when conditions are in the recommended range.
  • Retention 5-6 weeks
  • 5ml bottle
  • Black colour
  • Very thin consistency
  • Low fumes
  • Ideal for Classic Application and Volume application
  • Recommended Humidity 35-80%
  • Recommended Temperature 20-24 degrees
  • Available in 5ml bottles

If you're a professional lash technician and looking for an amazing high-quality lash glue for your extensions then our Ultra Strength PRO glue is for you! It has a 1-2 second drying time when conditions are perfect and retention of 5-6 weeks. This is our most popular glue and we know you'll love it too! 

Our professional adhesive is the ultimate glue for long-lasting lash enhancements. 

Tip: if you find that when using this glue, you brush through the lashes and several pop off then this is an indication that this glue is too fast for you, or you need to take a little more glue. We recommend using a glue ring to make sure the distance from glue to lash is the same on both eyes. If the glue is too fast for your technique we recommend Ultra 2 which is a touch slower and will help you to have the time to dip and place. 

Make sure you refresh your glue dot often. 






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