About Us


Founded by Lor Nicol, to provide high quality products at an affordable price, Lash by Lash is Australia's premier supplier to the eyelash industry, supplying a large range of premium quality eyelash extensions, tools and accessories to businesses at all levels. Our clients include salons, educational institutions, mobile lash technicians and home-based eyelash businesses, to name a few

Our products are put to the test daily in our busy salon, which services over 100 clients each and every week. What we learn in the salon, we implement in our products to ensure exceptional quality, usability and longevity. If products don't pass the salon test with flying colours, they don't make the Lash by Lash range. 


We're also passionate about education. To this end, we offer a range of comprehensive courses to support burgeoning eyelash technicians on their journey, whether they be seasoned beauty therapists, up and coming eyelash technicians or somewhere in between. Sound interesting? Visit our training page for more information on the available courses.