Eyelash Training

Lash by Lash provides a 5-star competitive eyelash unit for people looking to start a career as an eyelash technician.  It also empowers technicians who are already practising but need to increase their knowledge and skills. The Lash Complete online unit educates the Nationally Accredited unit (SHBBMUP001 Apply eyelash extensions) that offers classic, hybrid, and volume training. Those who register and complete the unit (once deemed competent) receive an official statement of attainment for the Nationally accreditated unit (SHBBUMP001 Apply eyelash extensions) once they are deemed competent. This achievement will enable you to increase your earnings whether you are working part-time or full-time. It also builds your clients’ trust in your skills and abilities when offering eyelash care services to them.

Lash by Lash eyelash online is unique in providing knowledge and skills to the students. It offers support that enables you to kick start your career as a professional eyelash technician. To apply, submit your email address and receive an information package for Lash Complete online.

For the online training:

  • You gain skills and knowledge from an individually assigned expert in the eyelash industry. The expert offers personal guidance and support in practical lessons, steps, and assessments.
  • You will be able to attend 2 x one on one zoom mentoring session to support you at the times you will need it most.
  • You get a complete lash kit the includes all items needed to do over 30 sets of lashes with a mannequin head and phone stand. The kit assists you in gaining experience and having quality tools to kick start your business.
  • You get an introduction to hand-making Russian volume fans well as pre-made fans knowledge to create hybrid and volume look.
  • You also receive detailed lash information on how to set up your business and marketing.
  • You also get a flexible payment plan with open pay at $48 per week for six months.
  • Discounts for all future orders.
  • Lifetime access.



What you will learn from Lash Complete online?

The benefit of online training is that you can attend the classes from anywhere.

For the Lash Complete extension training, you will learn-

  • Introduction to eyelash extension application.
  • Classic eyelash application.
  • Hybrid eyelash extension application
  • Russian Volume hand making eyelash extension application
  • Pre-made fan education
  • Lash isolation and pick up.
  • The contemporary techniques in lashes application.
  • How to safely and hygienically clean and prepare the lashes for application.
  • Learn how to Correct lash application issues.
  • The techniques of classic, hybrid and volume lash application process.
  • Why sometimes lash sets don’t last, how to handle and use eyelash adhesives.
  • Learn how to tape and isolate the eyelash for lash application effectively.
  • Why picking up multiple lashes is essential for the application of fluffy lash fans.
  • Pricing for the extension services.
  • Infills and removal of lash extensions.
  • Lash Shampoo process
  • Hygiene management.
  • Aftercare
  • Problem-solving


Flexible payment plans are available with Openpay at $48 per week over 6 months.


Face to Face eyelash training

The Lash Complete face-to-face training offers you classic, hybrid, and Russian volume training as well as Pre-made fan education. You get rewarded, once deemed competent, with a statement of attainment for the Nationally accredited unit (SHBBMUP001 Apply eyelash extensions). The training is delivered and assessed by a certified professional trainer which is held either one on one style or in small groups. Therefore, the trainer can pay attention to every student’s needs.

The one-on-one in-depth training equips you with precise lash skills and knowledge to become a highly competent lash technician. It also enables you to get increased earnings through excellent lash services that lead to client retention.

When you register for the face-to-face training, you stand to benefit from the following:

  • Training in small groups allows the trainers to give personal attention to every student in the group. We ensure that the trainer to student ratio is 1:3
  • The one-on-one sessions happen in the private rooms of our working salons. The salons provide an ambient atmosphere for learning and practical sessions.
  • We provide templates, processes, and guidelines as reference materials for the course structure. The references help you succeed in running your business.
  • Once competent, you will receive a statement of attainment for the government accreditation for the course that is nationally recognized. We have a partnership with the Australian Institue of Education and Training (AIET) RTO no 121314 to deliver the SHBBMUP001 Apply Eyelash extension unit.
  • We also provide ongoing support upon the completion of your training as well as access to our online support course so you can rewatch videos and learnings to refresh your skills.
  • You get a premium Lash by Lash kit with supplies and tools to kick start your lash care business. The kit has enough lashes and products for over 30 sets of lashes.
  • You get fantastic lifetime discounts on high-quality lash stock to service your clients.



Your investment for the two-day, LASH COMPLETE course is $1,999 for a one-on-one course or $1,850 as part of a small group. Along with the training, the cost also includes a Lash by Lash kit, jam-packed full of premium eyelash tools and supplies to kick start your career. Each kit contains enough lashes to complete approximately 40 sets of lashes.
Payment plans are available starting at approximately $70 per fortnight.

RUSSIAN VOLUME COURSE FEE (see more information here):
$1,299 for a full day of one-on-one training
$990 for group training

Full kit included
Payments plans available from $69 per fortnight



You have the lash skills, so why not gain your nationally accredited statement of attainment in the Unit of Competency - SHBBMUP001 Apply eyelash extensions?

By doing so, you will have comfort knowing that you have all the credentials to propel your lash career and business. The icing on your cake!



Learn the art of Lash Lift as you perform two lifts during your training. Using the perming solution and lift templates, you can create an amazing lift that holds in place for around six weeks.

All Lash Lift students receive a full lash lift kit to take home, providing up to 10 services.


$599 one-on-one

$499 group class

Payment plans are available starting from $50 per fortnight





Support Services

For those that have already been trained in eyelash extensions either with Lash by Lash or another company, you can apply for support to help you gain the confidence to start your business. We offer support through all the stages of lash application, from the eyelash extension application to the aftercare process. The support is online, in-house salon, or face to face.

To receive the support, you will fill a survey to understand the specific support you want us to offer you.

The below pricing is for the mentoring support sessions we offer for those already trained in lashes elsewhere.

For in-salon training

  • Half-day $399
  • Full day $799

On-site training (Your location)

  • Half-day $499
  • Full day $899


  • Half-day $299
  • Full day $699