Eyelash Training Kit

What is a Lash kit?


Lash by Lash Eyelash Kits come in a range of sizes. Whether you are a Beauty College, Individual Trainer, or a student looking for a better quality kit, we have the answer for you. 

For Lash Educators, we offer amazing support to you and the training that you deliver. The purchase of bulk kits also includes support, marketing images, and information for your supporting documents and manuals. We can also include one training session delivered by us to your students when kits of more than 10 kits per order. 

The following information written relates to student lash kits we package up for colleges. is an eyelash extension supply that ranges from the basic package to an extensive pack.  

Our clients include -

  • Beauty colleges
  • Salons
  • Mobile lash technicians
  • Home-based eyelash technicians
  • Individual trainers
  • Students.

Why should you buy our products?

  • All our products are top quality and easy to use, enabling you to retain your customers.
  • You will enjoy an easy application that enables lashes to come off without leaving a glue residue.
  • The adhesive glue is strong and holds lashes well and for a longer time.
  • Our eye pads have minimal ingredients, and their thinness enables them to stick well.
  • You will work with tweezers made from Japanese steel that are light and don't tarnish.

If you are wanting more information on either the training that we deliver or the kits we sell, please click the Contact Us link, fill out the form and we will be in contact asap.