Tips to speed up your application

Feeling like you could benefit from being a little faster in your application?


Dont we all! Hopefully the below information will help you in some way?

Here are a few tips to help you speed up your application.

  • Use trays of lashes rather picking up individual lashes from a sponge or dish. The trays of lashes come in strips of perfectly positioned lashes all ready for you to just pick and dip. Some technicians put the strips onto a pallet (lash pallet), a ring pallet, on the clients head (?? not sure about this one) or some stick the strips to the back of their sanitised hand.  Please check out our trays of lashes. 


  • Use a glue that is suited to your conditions and level of experience. A slow glue will cause stickies and drive you mad and not to mention slow you right down. 


  • Fold back the adult lashes. Once you have prepared the lashes (eyepads, primer etc), get some medical tape, detack it and then fold back the lashes from the tips and stick back to the lid


  • Use a glue ring. This stops the glue from starting to cure as there is less distance from the glue to the lash. Remember to just use a drop. 


  • Raise your seat or lower your bed so you can easily see the lashes well. If the clients head is tilted or lifted it can also stop you from seeing what you need to see easily. 


  • Use good lighting and or magnify glasses. We stock Glamcor lights which are the bee's knee's in lighting. We also have fantastic magnify glasses. Its amazing what you never knew you couldnt see!


  • Tape the lid up slightly. By taping the lid up just a little can point the lashes to the ceiling rather than towards the pad. This reduces lashes getting stuck to the pad and it makes it much easier to see what you are doing. 


  • Tint fair lashes first. This can make it much easier to see what we are doing and the client will also love the result. 


  • Get your clients to arrive with clean lashes. Not only will this make their lashes last longer it will speed up your overall time as you wont be spending it cleaning. It will also stop makeup residue getting onto the pads which can make it hard to see the lashes. We recommend Pro Long Lash Cleanser to retail to your clients. It is an easy sell and is also one of the best things they can do at home. Reduces bacteria in the lid line from natural oils/makeup etc. A little extra profit in your pocket too. Using ProLong will hopefully assist with the client returning with more lashes on and therefore saving you more time. 

Happy Lashing!