Face to Face Training


Professional and Complete Eyelash Training

Nationally Accredited Unit (SHBBMUP001 Apply Eyelash Extensions) 


 30 & 31 July

 24 & 25 September

19 & 20 November

Have you ever considered a career change, or thought about adding eyelash services to your beauty therapy menu?

LASH COMPLETE is an in-depth course, delivered either one-on-one or small group classes, covering everything you need to know to run your own lash business, and includes a Statement of Attainment for the Nationally Accreditated Unit (SHBBMUP001 Apply Eyelash Extensions) once criteria has been met.

Our qualified trainer from Lash by Lash can teach you the precise lash skills you need to be an amazing Lash Tech. This could be the step you need to take to increase your earnings casually, part-time or to a full-time potential.

Lash by Lash operates under an auspice arrangement with the Australian Institute of Education and Training (AIET) RTO 121314.

Lash by Lash one on one and our small group training, is delivered by a qualified and highly experienced trainer. Our eyelash extension courses also include an eyelash kit, full of premium eyelash tools and supplies to kickstart your career.

Additional Benefits

  • Statement of Attainment for the National Accredited Unit (SHBBMUP001 Apply Eyelash Extensions) once deemed competent.
  • Our one-on-one courses are held in a private room of our working salon so you can see and absorb the day to day atmosphere. 
  • Our small group classes offer an intimate style of learning in a small group class of no more than 3 students at a time. 
  • Processes, templates and guidelines are included in the course structure to help you run a successful working salon.
  • Ongoing support after the conclusion of the course.
  • Premium Lash by Lash kit including tools and supplies.
  • Discounts for life on purchases of lash stock needed to service your client
  • ZiPay and Afterpay options.


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Each Comprehensive Course Covers


  • Health & Safety
  • Human Eyelash Theory
  • Contra-indications
  • The big wide world of lash types
  • Client Consultation
  • Preparation & Process of application
  • Marketing
  • Business support


  • Client Consultation and how to advise correct aftercare
  • Demonstration on Model
  • Practice on Model of both Classic, Hybrid and Volume looks using both handmade Russian volume and pre-made fans
  • Lash Washing
  • Refill & Removal Procedure on Model



Students receive a Lash by Lash kit, full of premium eyelash tools and supplies to kick start your career. Each kit contains enough lashes to complete approximately 30 sets of lashes. 

OPTIONAL EXTRA: Get a Glamcor light, salon stool and bed for only $300 more to complete your salon.


$1850 small group class

$1999 for one on one 

Flexible payment plans are available with Openpay at approximately $70 per fortnight.



This training is for eyelash technicians already trained in classic eyelash extensions.

Volume eyelash extensions require a revolutionary technique where multiple super fine extensions are applied to one natural eyelash, creating a fluffy, full and soft look never achieved in the lash extension industry before. Between 200-600 individual lashes are applied in the full set of volume lashes. 



  • 10% of all future product purchase 
  • Ongoing support and help
  • A complete volume eyelash extension kit ‚Äč


  • The current and most popular hand made Volume Techniques
  • How to safely and hygienically clean and prep the lashes
  • Rules and techniques for working with Volume Lashes
  • How to Refill Volume Lashes
  • Correct application to allow lasting sets
  • How to correct lash application issues
  • Help with why lash sets sometimes do not last, how the glue works & how to handle it 
  • Solutions to how to apply pads quickly & easily to all types of eyes
  • How to tape eyes properly to allow for easy isolation
  • How to correctly pick up multiple lashes and make beautiful fluffy lash fans 

$1,299 for a full day of one-on-one training
$990 for group training
Payments plans available from $69 per fortnight



 1 August

26 September

21 November

Learn the art of Lash Lift as you perform two lifts during your training. Using the perming solution and lift templates, you can create an amazing lift that holds in place for around six weeks.

The tint enhances the length of the lash and lasts for around three weeks. Currently, we do not sell the tint; however, this is an area you will be taught in.

Please arrange your own models. If you come into difficulty, please contact us, and we will help you out.

All Lash Lift students receive a full lash lift kit to take home, providing up to 10 services.



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