Trouble Shooting Lash Issues

Frustrated with application?

Loosing Money?

Loosing Clients?

Want to throw in the towel?, out, in out. We can work this out together. Please see the below common issues when doing eyelash extensions. 

My first bit of advice to you would be to be not assume that it is your fault. There are many things the client may do that can contribute.



Should you have a client ring and advise that the result isnt great, I would always offer to get the client back in as soon as you can to 'assess'. It is expected that the client will loose a few lashes each day however the extension should be attached to the natural lash.  I would not admit fault just yet. When they do come back and you find that the lashes are flicking off easily then there has been an interuption of the curing process which could be from using a glue that has cured too quickly for you, or you may have delayed placing the lash quickly onto the natural lash. Or the most common reason is that the client has been around moisture before the 12hrs. Large molecules of moisture can cause the glue components to smash together rather than bond nicely over the 12hr period. Large molecules can be from running a bath for someone, having a bath (even if you keep your face out of the water). The 'right' molecule size for glue to cure nicely is what is in the air normally. 

If it may be that you are delaying placing the lash I would recommend you alway pickup your lash, then isolate and then dip in glue and place immediately.

Another reason could be that you are not using enough glue. Please make sure that you are seeing a very small ball of glue on the extension after it has been swiped in the glue. 


When I either pickup or try to place onto the natural lash and the extension keeps sticking to the tweezer. This will be caused by glue on the tweezer or static.  Clean with acetone and cotton ball and your issue will be fixed.


This can sometimes be caused by the humidity and temperature of your room/salon. The ideal temp and humidity level is always different for different glues. Please read one of our buying guides on understanding glues. At times it could also be caused by out of date glue or even sometimes a faulty bottle of glue. Most glues have an expiry life of around 2months opened and around 6months unopened.


This is cause by either using too much glue, or not waiting for the glue to dry before moving onto the next lash. Please always make sure the glue is dry before moving on and always make sure that you leave a large enough space so when you isolate the next lash it does not bend in towards the previous adhered lash causing them to stick together.


This can be if the extension is not bonded fully at the base of the lash. Ideally the extension is bonded from the base and at least 1/3 up. Another reason could be that it wasn’t applied close to the base therefore allowing it to become top heavy. Always make sure you have attached it as close to the skin as possible without touching the skin. Another reason could be that the extension is too long for the natural lash. Remember the general rule of going 1/3-1/2 longer than the natural lash. Another reason could simply be that the extension has grown too long and needs to be removed,


This could be caused by the extensions being incorrectly attached too close to the lid and causing irritation every time the client blinks. If this is the case it would be a good idea to remove the lash using Lash by Lash Glue Remover. It could also be from incorrect isolation and another lash is being pulled from another stuck lash. 


This situation is most likely be an allergic reaction to the glue. Remove immediately and suggest medical attention. The doctor can prescribe medication to calm the issue. It is your discretion if you offer a refund or not. I do not and have it mentioned in our terms and conditions. 


You are not 'burping the bottle'. After every drop of glue you take you must burp the bottle  as this draws the glue back down into the bottle rather than it travelling up and glueing th lid shut. 

If we can help at all please shoot us an email and we will do our best to help you out. 


Happy Lashing