How to make your Glue last and last

Lor Nicol  

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Eyelash Glue is one of the most important purchases you will make that will assist you in being an amazing lash tech whereby people flock to you for your services. 

It is so important that you understand how to choose, store, care and use your adhesive. 

Your environment and experience will be the deciding factor in what glue is best for you. One glue that is out of this world for someone may not work the best for you so understanding the characteristics of the glue purchased will make your life much easier. 


Firstly you will need to know your average room temperature and humidity level. We cant recommend more highly to purchase our humidity reader as this little tool will help you each day to choose the correct glue to use or to manipulate your environment to suit the glue. We find it easier to have a glue that suits your environment.

All glues require moisture to cure. Too much moisture can affect the behaviour and too little can cause the glue to not cure quick enough. Please view our reommendations of temperature and humidity for each glue we sell. Using an incorrect glue for your conditions will either drive you mad when working away or that heart stopping issue can happen......bad retention!

Choose the glue to suit your level of experience. If you are a fast lasher then a 1-2 second glue is probably the best for you however if just starting out or a slower lasher then you will suit a 2-3 second glue. Using your hygrometer, you'll work out how to affect the heat and humidity, we use a mixture of air con and humidifiers to control the environment. Please bare in mind that if you purchase a 1-2 second glue and your environment does not suit the glue, the glue will be slow or super fast. When super fast the glue can already be curing before you place it on the natural lash. It will seem like it has bonded but over the next week the lashes will start to fall off the natural lash. 


Store your adhesive properly. Once opened, lash adhesives should never be stored in the fridge. If a new bottle has been kept in the fridge, remove and allow to come back to room temperature over several hours before opening. This stops condensation on the inside of the bottle. Lash adhesives should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place, away from other products-especially primer. You can put a little bag of dry rice or silica gel in the container to ensure it stays dry. Some of our glues do come in a handy pouch with a silica gel. I would recommend you understand the length of life for the glue. Write the open date on the bottom so you can keep and eye out for when it becomes old. Should the glue seem very fumy or start to become stringy then it may be time to throw it in the bin. It is just not worth loosing a client to this issue. 


Shake very well for around 20 seconds. Discard the first drop and use the second. After taking  a drop, wipe on a paper towel (never a tissue or cotton round) then squeeze the shorter sides together, wipe again ensuring no bubbles are coming out of the top, while still squeezing put the lid on. Once secure you can release the tension on the sides. This method is called "burping the bottle".  If you do not do this everytime the glue can travel up the nozel and glue the lid shut or a blockage in the nozel can happen and you will have a hard time getting any glue out.

Always use several drops of adhesive every 30 minutes, more often if a very humid or warm day. Fresh drops of glue during the application is key to good retention. Never add adhesive to the same drop or top up the same adhesive cup. As soon as the adhesive is exposed, it will start to cure. 

Make sure your jade stone is clean, with no residue from cleaning products. If you cover your adhesive stone with tape it can hold moisture and shorten the life of the adhesive. We recommend jade stone stickers as they save time between clients and are a clean surface for your glue.


As you can now understand there is a lot to do with the 'best glue' as there are so many varying factors. If you feel a glue doesn't work then perhaps it doesn't work for you. We have a range of glues so please shoot us a message if we can help at all. 

Happy Lashing!